Negative Effects of Deforestation on the Planet

Along with the positive progress being made by modern society, the cost of a growing population has led to the devastating problem of Deforestation. Host of the “Informed” series, Rob Lowe, will be investigating the negative effects deforestation has on the planet and the millions of ecosystems being ruined by a loss of forests. With the human population growing exponentially, this also means that the rate forests are cut down to provide shelter for the growing population is also growing. This episode will be speaking with experts in this field to find out how we can prevent forests from being leveled, as well as alternative materials that won’t cause such horrible affects to the planet. This episode of “Informed” will be distributed to Public Television PBS Member stations.

What Is Long Range Space Travel?

Long Range Space Travel is becoming a topic discussed more and more as advancing technology is providing humans the chance to go beyond the moon. Rob Lowe, host of “Informed”, will be speaking with experts in the field of space travel to bring to viewers an inside look at the plans being made to take humans to the moon again and beyond. Aside from the curiosity of what space has to offer us, it is also important for humans to have a contingency plan should our planet become inhospitable. Tune into Public Television PBS Member stations to find this informative piece on long range space travel.

The Importance of Theater in New York City

Informed, Hosted by Rob Lowe, is slated to travel to New York City for a series on the importance of theater.  The timing of the Public Television series, which will be distributed to PBS member stations in late 2017, coincides with PBS’ Arts Fall Festival featuring Hamilton.  See the  article below from USA Today.

How Surgical Robotics Are Revolutionizing Medicine

Surgical robotic techniques that are revolutionizing medicine are the latest topic to be discussed on the “Informed” series created for Public Television’s PBS member stations. According to recent statistics, these surgical techniques are increasing by 12 percent every year due to fewer traumas incurred for the patient and less complications. Rob Lowe hosts the spot that shows why these procedures are on the rise.

How Water Softeners Help Your Body

Do you have dry skin and brittle hair? Have you tried everything on the shelves to remedy these problems? Did you know that what is happening to your body may not be caused by internal factors, but actually from the water that is coming from your shower head? Tune in to the latest segment of “Informed” hosted by Rob Lowe to learn how water filters and softeners not only help your water, but your body as well.

How To Go A Year Without Shampoo

One year without shampoo… no, it’s not a trick a college student on a budget is trying in order to save money. It’s actually a trend that is hitting beauty and health blogs by storm; it’s called “no poo.” According to the Environmental Working Group, most shampoo products contain toxins with some having a toxicity of 6 out of 10… that’s a lot! Shampoo toxicity will be discussed in the latest “Informed” segment hosted by Rob Lowe.